Avoid These Common Mistakes

Nobody wants to repair your vehicle right the first time, and at a fair price, more than the Auto Repair Technician working on it. 
 As a mechanic, I can tell you two things... 1- Technicians take their reputations seriously, and 2- Technicians take a repair failure personally...because he feels like he failed his customer if the vehicle isn't repaired right the first time. Here are a few tips that will help you, help us, repair your vehicle, accurately and quickly, for the lowest possible cost.

Tip 1: Communicate with your Technician. Take the time to accurately describe the specific problem. Don't leave anything out. The goal of any auto repair is to restore the system being repaired to a performance level equal to or better than it performed from the factory. One of the keys to this is knowing exactly what isn't right. A good technician will tell you that you know what's normal for your car better than he does. 

Tip 2: Test Drive the Vehicle with your Technician. With complaints and symptoms such as noises, harshness and vibration, or intermittent engine performance problems like misfires, a test drive is important to repair accuracy. Nothing is worse to a Technician than repairing a noise that wasn't the noise the customer wanted repaired. Take the extra time to test drive the vehicle and pinpoint the complaint for the tech.

Tip 3: Ask questions. When the technician or sales person calls with the result of his diagnosis, ask questions until you are satisfied that you understand what the repair will accomplish. A good technician or sales person will be able to explain the diagnosis and repair to you in terms you can understand... but only if you ask questions.

Taking the time to follow these few tips will go along way to ensuring that you and your Auto Repair Technician are on the same page and your vehicle will be repaired right the first time without unnecessary costs.
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