Did You Know Part II Airflow Through Radiator and Condenser

Did You Know...Part 2
 Airflow Through The Radiator and Condenser 
 In our last article we talked about making cars lighter and the impact it can have on the cooling system and HVAC System.  In this article we want to focus on AIRFLOW through the radiator and condenser.  Small airflow changes through the radiator and condenser can have a dramatic impact on A/C performance. Reduced airflow through the radiator or condenser can result in premature compressor failure, poor performance, or even cause your engine or automatic transmission to overheat.  Restricted airflow is a common cause of compressor failure.  What causes a change in airflow through the radiator and or condenser?  I am glad you asked...here are some reasons why.

1.  If your car has ever been in an accident and the body shop did not re-install your air dam or fan shroud.

2.  Modifications to spoilers, grills, air dams or anything that inhibits air from flowing freely through the grill.

3.  A dirty Radiator or Condenser...one that's stopped up with dirt or debris on the outside or between the condenser and radiator.

4.  A Radiator or Condenser that's Stopped up from the inside causing improper heat exchange.

5.  Engine electric cooling fan or manual clutch fan not working properly.  JUST TO NAME A FEW!

Your cars ECU (Engine Control Unit) looks at numerous inputs to determine when the engine cooling fan or condenser cooling fan will turn on and off.  It looks at engine temperature, transmission temperature, A/C head pressure, and other sensors and switches essential for fan operation. The bottom line is keep the air flowing to prevent these problems.

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