THE HEAT IS ON IN TEXAS.  Unless you want to sweat all summer long, it's time to get that worn out Auto A/C repaired.  
We are coming into the hottest time of the year in Texas and 100 degree plus temperatures are around the corner.  

Did you know when your Auto Air Conditioner needs servicing, the compressor clutch will begin to turn on and off more frequently.  This places extra wear and tear on the compressor clutch assembly and will wear it out more quickly.  So if you hear that rapid on and off coming
from your cars Air Conditioner, it's definitely time to have your A/C serviced before you end up having to put a clutch assembly, or even worse a compressor on your car.

Kool Kar Auto Repair is The A/C Authority in Texas. Our Customers Give Us a Thumbs-Up on Quality, Service and Price... Every Time.


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