AUTO A/C LEAKS ARE ONE OF THE MOST COMMON PROBLEMS WE FIND WITH TODAY'S CARS AND LIGHT TRUCKS...and at times, they can be one of the most difficult to detect. There are two types of leaks that can be present on vehicle air conditioning.

First there are static leaks...these are leaks that leak when the A/C is not running.  Static leaks, leak all the time no matter what the condition.  They are not sensitive to hot or cold or barometric pressure most of the time.  However this is not always the case. Every now and then we see static leaks that will be sensitive to temperature change, or barometric pressure variations.

Then there are Dynamic leaks.  These are leaks that only leak when the system is running.  Which means the system must be at operating pressures for the leak to appear.  This type of leak can be more difficult to find because with the engine running, the condenser fan and engine fan blows away the refrigerant making it extremely difficult to fine with electronic leak detection equipment.  I recommend using tracer dye for this type leak...It will show up over a period of time and you should be able to find the leak.

A/C hoses are always a good place to start...check hose crimps and all connections before you do anything else.

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