Auto A/C

Auto A/C is one of the top three most sought after accessories on today's cars and light trucks.  After all it's really not an accessory, it in fact is a necessity, especially if you live in one of the really hot parts of the country like Texas for example. No one will buy a vehicle today unless the A/C is in proper working order.

But when that Air conditioning does not perform properly, it can be a real drag, and get you hot under the collar (among other places). Sometimes an A/C system will slowly begin to decline and you may not even notice it at first.  After it begins to blow hot air you certainty will notice it. 

I would like to give you some tips that something may be up with your cars air conditioning.

1.  If you hear your A/C compressor begin to make noise, it probably will give you real problems, sooner or later, usually sooner.

2.  If the air no longer comes out the vents as forceful as it once did.

3.  If the air comes out the wrong vents when you turn the mode selector.

4.  If you notice it's taking longer to cool down the vehicle than it use to.

5.  If you have water draining in the passenger floorboard. 

6.  If you notice this constant clicking sound under the hood.  It could be your compressor cycling rapidly.  Which usually means low refrigerant. 

7.  If you smell a bad odor when you turn your a/c system on.

8.  Trying to install refrigerant in your own car is a bad idea.  Why? because you have no idea how much refrigerant is already in your system.  Adding to much refrigerant to your system can be worse than not enough.  Why? because you can over stress your systems compressor with to much refrigerant, causing it not to cool properly and possibly damaging the compressor or other components. Did you know your systems charge is so important, that as little as a half  ounce to much or to little refrigerant in some systems, can cause a cooling issue. That's why I say charging with cans is a bad idea. Again there is  no way to tell how much refrigerant is in a system without professional charging and recycling equipment.

Kool Kar Auto Repair is your number one source for all your Auto Air Conditioning needs. After all we are the A/C authority in Texas for a reason. 615 S.E. Parkway Azle Tx 76020 817-270-2549


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