Have you ever bought a used car and been less than satisfied with the car.  If so, listen up.  I have some advice for you.  People buy used cars every day, and wished they had not.  Why do you think this is?  The main reason I have found is because they start finding things wrong with the car after they drive it for a while.  I have a solution to that problem.

If you are preparing to buy a used car, the very first thing you should do is take the car to a certified auto technician and have a pre-purchase inspection done.  This can save you not hundreds but thousands of $ Dollars $ in many cases.  If for any reason the seller will not permit you to take the car to a certified auto mechanic for inspection, my guess is they have something to hide. 

When our shop checks out a car for purchase, we check everything about the car from bumper to bumper.  I can tell you things about a car you would never dream.  For instance has the car been serviced properly? I don't need service records to find this out. Has the car been wrecked? You say, "Well, I will get a car fax". We will address that in a minute. Has the car been under water?  Does the car have the original engine and transmission?  Is there rust where you can't see? A good mechanic can tell you All these things and many more about the car you are about to purchase  Not to mention all the 250 plus components that are checked during the service to determine any problems.  

Speaking of problems, here's something that people don't realize. When I check out a car for purchase, all findings are recorded for the buyer to take back to the seller to use as a negotiating tool. This alone, in some cases, can lower the asking price of the car hundreds of dollars or get the seller to pay for these problems to be repaired. This can offset the cost of the inspection, in most cases, to nothing or almost nothing.

As far as car reports you get from some of the companies such as Car Fax, or Auto Report, they are not always accurate.  Let me explain. Let's say someone wrecks their car and takes it to a private shop for repair.  What if the owner pays for the repair out of pocket and does not report it to his insurance company.   Car Fax and Auto report will never know about the wreck.  This is no fault of these companies.  They try hard to provide concise and accurate information.  But due to the enormous amount of cars wrecked and/or totaled there's no way they can know about every car on the road. This is only one example of many, where a car falls through the cracks and never gets reported as being wrecked.

Kool Kar Auto Repair Provides this inspection for our customers. Over the years I have saved customers many thousands of dollars and in some cases the customer decided this was not the car for them.  It just had too many issues.

Kool Kar Auto Repair Continues to be your Number 1 source for all things Automotive.  Call or come by today. 817-270-2549


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