Heater Systems- Maintenance

Maintaining your heater so it will be ready
when you need it is a simple yet often forgotten part of vehicle maintenance.  

While it's true that much of the maintenance for the heater is accomplished during routine cooling system maintenance there are a few items to consider in addition to that. 

Flushing the cooling system also flushes the heater core, but only if you turn on the heater while you are doing it. Unless this is done, sludge and corrosion can build up in the heater
core and cause inefficient heat transfer and premature failure of the heater core due to leaks. In addition to flushing the heater core, the mechanical control known as the heater control valve should be inspected and replaced if it is frozen or shows signs of leakage. 

Another often forgotten item is the cabin air filter. This filter is normally located in a panel behind the glove box and should be replaced yearly. The cabin air filter captures
allergens and dust that would otherwise be distributed throughout the passenger compartment. If it becomes clogged, air flow through the vents can be diminished and ineffective. 

Maintaining your heater is a simple yearly task that can go a long way towards minimizing your yearly repair costs. Make Kool Kar Auto Repair your first stop for all of your auto repair and maintenance needs. You'll be glad you did.

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