Heaters- HVAC Controls

Early automotive HVAC Controls consisted of simple switches and cable operated blend
doors. Modern cars and light trucks now employed electronic controls that are often times computer controlled.  

The new control systems have a reasonable service life, however, diagnosing and repairing these modern systems can be a challenge. There are some simple things you can do to help prevent premature component failure. 

Since new HVAC controls are electronic and computer driven they are susceptible to the same damage that your PC and Printer are. If you spill coffee in em, they tend to not work any more. So... to prevent damage, avoid spilling drinks on the control unit, avoid leaving the hood up or the windows rolled down during a rain storm or while washing the car. All of these can lead to moisture damage. Avoid prolonged operation with a faulty battery or alternator... these conditions can lead to voltage spikes and damage the on-board computers and electronic components. And last but not least, get faulty components replaced as soon as possible. Many times a faulty component will cause damage to other components in the system. 

Kool Kar Auto Repair is fully equipped and capable of accurately diagnosing and repairing your modern computer controlled HVAC system. Make Kool Kar your first stop for auto repair and service. 

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