Bad Driving Habits Can Cost You Time And Money

Today we are going to talk about the first bad driving habit I have seen towed into my shop. Just recently there was a car towed into my shop that would not start.  I diagnosed the no start problem and determined it was the fuel pump causing the no start condition.  I called the customer up to tell him the news, and while I was taking to the man, I found out what caused his problem.

The customer started bragging he could get over three hundred miles from a tank of fuel and how he never filled up until he was on fumes.  He had done this many times with no problems.

Here is what I told him.  The fuel pump is in the fuel tank, it is a module assembly comprised of more parts than just the pump itself.  The fuel cools and lubricates the pump assembly. when the fuel level gets low (below the pump) it will still pump however it is no longer submerged in the fuel to keep the pump cool, so it overheats. Then you pull into a service station drop 48-52 degree gas in the tank it can put the pump into shock, therefore rendering it useless. The moral of this story is don't let your fuel pump be a casualty because of this bad decision.

When your tank gets below a half tank start thinking about getting fuel.  Never run below 1/4 tank, because your fuel tank has sediment in the bottom that your fuel pump has no choice but to pick up when the fuel level gets low.  This nasty sediment gets into your fuel injection system causing driveability problems, sluggish acceleration, misfires and in some cases real engine damage.  Sure you have a fuel filter, but what happens when that filter gets full of debris  Some modern vehicles have only a filter in the tank that can not be changed.  My recommendation is keep your fuel tank close to half full at all times.  Your car will love you for it.

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