I often get the question from can I tell when my brakes need service or repair?  Brakes are without a doubt the number one safety device on your vehicle.  Making sure your brakes are repaired correctly is the best money you will ever spend on your car.  That's why its imperative you don't skimp on brakes.  Always insist on the very best parts money can buy for your vehicle.  Ask the repair facility if they are certified to repair your brake system.

Now to answer the question how can I tell when my brakes need service or repair.  There are several things you need to look for when it comes to braking system function and repair. 

NOISE:  Are you experiencing any unusual noise when the brakes are applied?  Such as squealing, grinding, rubbing, squeaking.  This is a way for your brakes to communicate with you, telling you  something is wrong.  Have your brake system checked by a professional.

VIBRATION:  Are you feeling a vibration in your steering wheel or seat when your brakes are applied?  If so, this may indicate a malfunction in the braking system.  This concern may be related to out of round or warped brake rotors or possible other braking issues.

BRAKE FEEL:  Do you experience  abnormal signs with your brake pedal such as extra effort to depress the pedal, a hard pedal,  does it feel soft or spongy?  Does the pedal ever drift down while setting at a red light with your foot on the brake? If so its time to seek professional service.

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LIGHTS:  Is the ABS light illuminated on your instrument panel?  Today's vehicles are high tech, some even to the point they have built in pad thickness indicators built into the system.  Other vehicles may utilize a red brake warning indicator combined with a (ABS) warning indicator light.  All these indicators mean the brake system has detected a malfunction that requires attention as soon as possible.

SMELLS:  Do you notice burning smells or odd odors while braking?  Are you noticing extreme buildup of brake dust on your wheels?  These are all signs of  possible braking service needs.

BRAKE FLUID:  This is one of the most neglected areas of the braking system but one of the most important.  Brake fluid is a silent component of the braking system that is often overlooked, without it your car would never stop.  It should be checked for integrity during regular service checks.  Making sure it does not have moisture in it, also the fluid should be full and clean.

In closing brakes are comprised of several sophisticated components and for your safety all repairs should be completed by a qualified professional service technician.

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Automotive Struts and Shocks

The most important function of your vehicle's struts and shocks is to help keep the tire in contact with the road.  Without these components the tire would lose contact with the road every time it contacted a bump. Struts and shocks also absorb impacts and smooth out from surface irregularities in the road providing a smooth stable ride. The rate of wear that struts and shocks have is so slow, that over time as their performance deteriorates you may not even notice the change.

Common symptoms of worn struts and shocks include:

Excessive harshness over bumps-  As the tire hits a bump, it is no longer able to absorb the shock of the impact and the impact is transmitted to the passenger compartment.

Excessive nose diving during stops- As the vehicle comes to a stop the struts and shocks are no longer able to control the compression of the suspension system and weight transfers to the front wheels.

Instability in Turns- Similar to Excessive nose diving, the struts and shocks are no longer able to slow the rate of compression of the suspension system.

Excessive Float Over Slight Rises in the Road Surface- The struts and shocks are no longer able to control compression OR rebound of the suspension system and the vehicle seems to "Float" over the road.

Many of these symptoms can cause a unsafe situation and seriously effect the performance of the suspension system. Come to Kool Kar Auto Repair in Azle Texas to have you struts and shocks inspected or replaced and restore proper control of the suspension system.