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Cooling System- Radiators

Image result for automobile radiator imagesThe radiator in your vehicle only serves one purpose... to remove damaging heat from the engine and release it into the atmosphere.
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 Unlike Copper radiators, used in early model cars and light trucks, Modern Aluminum and Plastic Radiators are difficult to repair with any degree of reliability.  When a radiator fails today it is, as a general rule, replaced rather than repaired. 

As the engine cooling system brings hot coolant into the radiator the heat is absorbed into the tubes and fins that make up the radiator core. Then a cooling fan blows ambient temperature air over those tubes and fins and the air flow absorbs the heat from the fins and allows it to escape into the surrounding air. 

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Plastic tank aluminum core
Common problems associated with radiators include:                 1.  Clogged Tubes that limit coolant flow.                                  2.  Cracks in the Radiator Coolant Tanks on the ends of the core.                                                                                            3.  Holes in the Radiator Core.

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